Tracey & Dan — A Creative Wedding at Porteño Events

We adore working with creative couples. Tracey, a graphic designer, and Dan, maker of the best coffee in Sydney, had the sweetest soirée celebration for their Porteno Events wedding. Because of daylight savings, time was set aside before the ceremony for a truly collaborative portrait shoot. Tracey and Dan also proved that weddings can be filled with individuality and originality. We were impressed at every turn with the choices they’d made to celebrate in ways that represent them to the fullest, not to mention their awesome style. A Porteno Events wedding is always a dream to shoot because of the amazing staff and food and we couldn’t recommend them enough!

Here are a few of our favourite frames from this phenomenal day and some kind words from Tracey & Dan themselves via their Hello May wedding feature: “Our photographers, Willow & Co. were the best. The photos taken before we met everyone were obviously thought out in regards to light and shadow, let alone the specific alley ways and buildings they had scouted out beforehand. Then in the venue, they seemed to catch all the best and candid moments without us realising they were even in the room. On top of that they are just a great couple and we knew as soon as we met them they were the ones to shoot the event.”

porteno events wedding ceremony

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Nathan M

Such a beautiful couple, thank you so much for sharing. it’s very inspiring seeing something like this. Keep up the good work!