About Grace

A lover of art and design, architecture and nature, Grace brings a unique and artistic approach to photographing the beauty of each celebration in an emotionally editorial way. Inspired by the revelry of love in all forms, Grace encourages her clients to celebrate themselves in an expression of their own style.

When she's not behind the camera, Grace can be found practicing further creative endeavours such as ceramics and interior design. She shares her home in the Blue Mountains with her two dogs, and frequently shoots weddings across New South Wales but is available for creative nuptials and commissions anywhere. Willow & Co. incorporates Grace and her handpicked team of talented associate photographers for collaborations of larger coverage.

Grace's work is a reflection of her unique perspective and dedication to capturing connection and celebration in an artistic and poetic way.

Photo by Aaron Shum

About You

You’re easy going and laid back. You’re a nature lover at heart even though you may live in a city. You have an appreciation for creativity, originality and style. You would rather stay true to yourself and your personality instead of blindly following traditions. You prefer quality over quantity. You’re hopelessly in love and want beautiful, artistic photographs to keep the memories alive.