Edith & Will — 10 Year Anniversary Lovers Session

floral ink blue mountains
How wonderful it is to be a Blue Mountains portrait photographer in this beautiful part of the world. Even more so when it’s to capture our dear friend Edith, owner and florist at Floral Ink, and her beautiful husband Will. We planned a special Lovers Session to celebrate their milestone 10 year anniversary. A decade of married life should always be documented because it is extremely determined and enduring. Their love has grown and strengthened over that time and it was so beautiful to witness. It was also a privilege relive the memories of the vows that they had promised each other back then, and then again during this Lovers Session. That is something so powerful to witness and is the same honour we feel when we shoot elopements.

As a floral designer, Edith made two bouquets to incorporate another personal detail into the shoot. The first was an ode to her original wedding bouquet of flannel flowers. The other was an artistic arrangement with a beautiful shape that also matched the tones in her dress and the landscape. These beautiful souls also brought along a booklet of their wedding vows. Among the silent, ancient landscape of the Blue Mountains they read their vows aloud to each other. I think all three of us shed some tears. This secluded location required a little journey to get to the very edge of the escarpment so we used every second of time we had and stayed until the last light at dusk. We could have stayed out there all night with the stars and distant twinkling lights of Sydney.

Will & Edith are the real deal. Their kindness and support for each other is remarkable and inspiring to be around. This experience with them truly was an honour.
// Blue Mountains portrait photographer

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