Katie & Josh – The Foundations Portland Wedding

wedding photo at the foundations portland

After throwing themselves a “practice wedding” in Vegas, Katie & Josh gave themselves four months to plan their amazing Foundations Portland wedding. Four months! Though if anyone is capable of that feat, it’s these two. We were blown away by the effort and styling they put in to an otherwise blank canvas of a building.

So let’s talk about this incredible building and venue that gave life to their Foundations Portland wedding. When Katie first e-mailed us, she said “We FINALLY found our perfect venue and haven’t left ourselves much time. Josh’s dad was the caretaker at the old Portland Cement Works for 20 years after it closed down so Josh basically grew up there having been his first job. We were shocked to find the new coordinators have cleaned out the beautiful old buildings for events and we may be their first wedding reception there.” If you haven’t heard of Portland, it’s a little country town just west of Lithgow and the Blue Mountains. After turning onto Williwa Street, you’ll see The Foundations’ iconic Silos behind The Boiler House and Workshop buildings.

We hope Katie & Josh have started a grand tradition of weddings at The Foundations Portland. We can’t wait to go back for more so contact us if you’re thinking of having your wedding here! And click here for more of our favourite Blue Mountains wedding venues.